I have had the pleasure of working with Feras in his capacity as Head of Learning & Development for Northern Europe & Central Asia. Feras has done an outstanding job in all aspects of the role, truly cementing the business impact this role can achieve, when you have the right person leading it. Feras’ ability to bridge between the strategic objectives of the business, and the abilities of a Learning & Development function, and turning that into action is no less than phenomenal. I give Feras my highest recommendation.

Tim Sandholdt Jensen, Head of HR, Operations, Region Northern Europe & Central Asia (RECA)

Feras is a forward thinking HR Professional who has natural entrepreneurial flair. He engages with his peers and business stakeholders to create opportunities for business improvements. While he and I worked together, he developed a thorough strategy that was focused on assessing holistic need with a view to matching learning/OD interventions. He progressively moved his business perception and capability forward with this approach. I would recommend his skill, personable nature and aptitude for collaborative thinking. I hope I get the privilege to work with him again.

Simon Muskett Director, Global Head of Education Design & Delivery, Connect to Learn at Ericsson

Feras is just one of those guys you love to work with. He is open minded, friendly and a great example of someone who strives for the best in all we do. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for the last year and Feras has proven to be a complete expert in L&D with his methods and work ethic. He has taken this area into another level, coaching, guiding and supporting us all in turning business challenges into learning actions on group, unit and individual level in an amazing way.
I frequently use Feras to ballpark with, where his professional expertise, as well as personality, is highly valued. I hope our careers will cross path again in the future!

Erlend Engan, Region HR Business Partner, Head of HR Norway at Ericsson

I was fortunate to have Feras as a manager during my time at Ericsson. He is an amazing coach and can identify the potential in every individual.
Feras is a highly skilled L&D professional and is able to transform the way others view L&D. He is always taking in mind the short term and long term effects of his projects and manages this in a highly professional manner. I thank Feras for a lot of the knowledge and skills that I possess today.
I truly hope that I will get to work with Feras again and know that his future colleagues will be fortunate to have him in their teams.

Emma Larsson   Recruiter at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Feras is a great professsional, amiable and well versed in his area of expertise. Ever ready to take on huge challenges and keen to share his acquired knowledge with all. A model team player and undoubted asset to the global organisation!

Roti Balogun,, Region Learning Leader at General Electric Sub-Saharan Africa


“Feras is a true cosmopolitan: open-minded, empathetic, non-judgmental, knowledgeable. He is kind and polite, thus working with him is very enjoyable. His enthusiasm and sharp mind made creating new things in collaboration a very inspirational experience. Thank you, Feras!”

Laila Escartín-Sorjonen, Writer, Freelance journalist, Communicator, May 15, 2013.

“One of the best professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Not only is Feras an expert in L&D, his business acumen and strategic thinking made him an invaluable asset to Nokia and Sales Capability. Overall he is a great contributor and colleague that does not back down from a challenge and has the “must win” spirit. I hope our careers will cross path again in the future.”

Omar Chihane, Head of Sales Capability – IMEA (India, Middle East, Africa) at Nokia, May 26, 2013.

“I have worked with Feras since he joined Nokia and collaborated with him in many projects and product launches. Feras’ contribution was invaluable on all respects. He always delivered on time and with great passion while consitently improving quality and achieving amazing cost redutions. This was possible due to Feras’ team leading and facilitating skills that brought up the best of the team members. Feras is an asset to Nokia. It is a great pleasure working with him.”December 12, 2011

Najib Abi-Abdallah, Customer Care Manager – Lower Gulf, Nokia

“I have worked with Feras since he joined Nokia and have found him to be an exceptionally talented, strong & honest leader. He is an expert in the field of Learning and Development, & will always challenge anyone he works with to grow & acheive their goals. Feras leads a strong team and always gives them the necessary direction & support they need. He is an asset to any company who wants to be successful.”December 11, 2011

Christine Kuun, Head of Sales Capability, NENA at Microsoft.

“Working with Feras is a great experience – he has a deep knowledge of OD, talent and people development and is very capable of applying this knowledge and turning it into practical solutions for the business. His drive to achieve a high standard has no limitations and his approach is well structured and disciplined. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Feras over the past year and relied heavily on his ability to deliver.”December 5, 2011

Difna Blamey, Human Resources Director at Natures Way Foods

“I pride myself being able to spot talent and in Feras’s case, it was beyond obvious. From the moment I recruited him into Nokia, it was clear he was more than just another great mind, but someone who can change the game. He learned our business in less than three months and was pushing the envelope on his program within six. He now plays a key role working with me on the global stage in designing the future of our program. He brings a genuine passion for learning and the ability integrate best practices from any industry and create programs that deliver tangible business impact. He really requires no endorsement as he is one of those people who will make a name for himself all on his own soon enough. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with him, give him the freedom to challenge you and you will not be disappointed.”

Scott Gaines, World Wide Head of Sales and Marketing Capability at Microsoft

“I met Feras when he was in a trip to Doha to introduce the “Passport to Success” program in Homecentre, Qatar. From the first meeting itself I started admiring him. The kind of knowledge he has in his subject is immense. He is full of life, extremely simple, down to the earth and a thorough professional. He is a creative thinker, very futuristic and vigorous in his approach. In a short span of time, he had developed a self sustainable L&D strategy for Homecentre and took it to a significant height for which he will be remembered in the years to come. Which so ever company he will work for in future, I am confident that he will be proved to be an priceless asset for them. I wish him all the Best.”

Debasish Sahu, Training Manager, Landmark Group 

“Feras joined while L&D was shaping up at Home Centre and took it to great heights. He not only has eye for details to identify the learning needs but also immense capability to deliver suitable solutions. The In-Store Training introduced by him has transformed the perception towards learning in the company. On the personal front, Feras is a man of passion and integrity and going an extra mile is routine for him.
Feras is definitely an asset for any organisation.”

Vivek Singh, Vice President, People Development

“”Friendly- Energetic-Reliable-Amiable-Steadfast” this how best i can define Feras..Dynamic, go getter, has this zeal to accomplish what he has to..doesn’t give up that easy….I wish him success in all his endeavors..”

Samson Joseph, Concept Head, Landmark Group

“Feras is one of the most inspirational people I have met. Extremely knowledgeable, a great motivator who constantly makes his people grow. Interacting with Feras has always been a pleasure because of the simplicity in which he puts things forward. Always cheerful, helpful and never holds back information. One of the very few leaders who sets an example for others by practicing humility himself. I would highly recommend Feras for his ourstanding leadership qualities and wish him all the best in his future ventures.”

Geraldine Fernandes, Associate CIPD, Learning and Development, Landmark Group 

“Feras is one of those very few polished professionals you come accross in UAE with enormous energy and passion for Learning & Development.
Very innovative and a great Motivator. – Sajid”

Sajid Rasheed, Training Specialist, Dubai

“It gives me pleasure to recommend Feras not only as a very good asset to any company but also as a gem of person. He is always focused on organisational and personal goals. He always has a detailed plan to achieve them. I have seen in him achieving them with lot of courage and enjoying those achievement in his life. I wish him all the best and I am sure that he will not leave anything unturned to make sure organisational goals are achieved with utmost honesty and dedication.”

Deepak Goyal, Head of Marketing, Home Centre (Landmark Group) 

“Feras was a very hands on training Manager at Home Centre. He had to set up his department from scratch and develop various modules for training various levels of staff which he did successfully. During his tenure at Home Centre he developed good relationships with all the staff and performed his job with the minimum of fuss.”

Rajan Narayan, General Manger Homewares Buying, Landmark Group 

“”Feras is a dedicated, reliable, professional Human Development Professional, who innovates and comes up with new ideas and ensures high quality deliverables to clients. He continuously works on acquiring new knowledge & skills to increase his capabilities. I worked with Feras and assure you that he always adds value to the organizations he works with. I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.””

Jumana El-Husseini, Regional Marketing & Business Development Manager, Profiles International M.E.N.A 

“Feras, you were a man with great heart. Your hunger for learning is superb and your aility to manage relationships has been outstanding. I wish you all success in every endevour and you know you can reach out to me whenever you wish. Take care. Oussama Mansour”

Oussama Mansour, CEO, Profiles International

“Feras !!! One such person working with whom is really a great learning, fun-filled and an unforgetable experience. With every stage in our lives we meet someone who leaves a lasting impact on your memories and he is one such person whose company I will cherish all my life. He is a wonderful trainer, coach, mentor and the most important wonderful person. There were so many things that I learned while I was under his guidance, which will be there with me all my life, and have and will help me in the field I am. Thanks a lot Feras for your learning and development sessions and making me a part of it. I am really looking forward to work with you again at some point of time in my life.”

Rahil verma, Assistant Manager Training, iProcess Services India Private Limited

“Feras is a total professional, his drive and market awareness make him a great asset”

Hakim Othman, Managing Director, Chapters Executive Consultancy

“Feras is definitely an asset to Profiles International. I have always seen him cheerful, involved, and willing to assist with any task or duty. In addition, Feras is a highly motivated and knowledgeable individual, always interested in learning and improving his skills, as much as helping other improve theirs.
I highly recommend him to any future employer or organization”

Danielle Salameh, Business Development Manager, Profiles International

“Feras is a thorough professional and when it comes to training, really knows what he’s talking about! The best part is he can sail you through the most complicated things with utmost ease and makes sure you don’t feel overwhelmed by the end of it. I was extremely impressed by the fact that he has every little detail stored at the back of his mind and he can even catch your doubts before you can even put them into words!”

Nishtha Sharma Pareek, Manager, Corporate Sales, HRD Solutions

“I have had the pleasure of being both an industry/study colleague and a friend to Feras for over a year. Fears conducts himself with integrity, He can be counted on not just to provide sound advice for the studies, but also in learning and development issues. He always presents his views in a positive manner, I know of numerous occasions where memebers of our study group have specifically mentioned what a joy it is to work with Feras. He is a talented professional in his field with excellent communication skills and a strong moral compass. For these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending Feras in any endavor he chooses for his career. Yours sincerely, Nabil Senyonga”

Nabil Senyonga, Learning & Development Manager, The Monarch Dubai


What can one say besides its not often you have the pleasure to work with professionals like Feras.
Feras is a great example of someone who strives to achieve greatness and best in class.
We joined Nokia together and I was taken back with just how much knowledge and expertise such a person has and shares openly with regards to training and L & D.
Feras was a complete expert in his field and possesses a natural ability on understanding people and getting the best out of any given situation when one seems the task out of their depth… His methods and work ethic were a driving force to achieving such great results with the team training and mystery shop results in the region and it was to no surprise to how quickly his team developed into being some of the best trainers in the region whom have moved onto senior training positions with large corporate companies.
Feras has since developed into being a global leader in his field where he has been recognised as being one of the best in the business and I wish him all the success not that he will need it.
It’s been a pleasure to work with Feras and I know for sure that others will feel the same by working with him.

Norman F Gul, Director of Store Operations, WFM and Process – WE / CEE at NIKE


Feras is one of the best among all Learning & Development professionals I have ever worked with.

When I think about Feras at his best, I always remember his tremendous contribution to a field sales reorg I was conducting. Using advanced psychometrics techniques -innovation within the company-, Feras conducted an extremely insightful assessment that was fundamental for the success of the project.
His strong experience, leadership, energy and stamina to get the job done makes Feras the perfect business partner, especially during tough times.

Rodrigo Campos, Experienced Retail, Sales and Channel Management professional

Feras is a extremely committed and dedicated individual. His interpersonal skills and ability to lead ensured that he was always able to get the best out of his team. His knowledge in the training and development arena is extremely strong, coupled with his analytical ability ensured that the programs he developed were always pitched at the right level. This meant that the knowledge retention was extremely high. it was a pleasure working with Feras and am sure that any organization would more than benefit from his experience and expertise.

Mark Kotze, Ceo and Owner of Tribe Consultancy

Feras is an inspiring professional I had the privilege of working with. I used to report directly into Feras and I must say those two years working with him earned me a spot across IMEA. Not only were our practices highly organized and systematic, but innovative at the same time …and adopted regionally as well.
I learned a lot from Feras, he was a mentor, a coach, and a friend i could easily approach even after he was snatched and placed on the Global stage. I pride myself of having had the opportunity of working with him. Give Feras a chance to work for you, and he would challenge every cross functional department you can think of from an L&D side! Some say I’ve inherited some of his ways of working, and I say “I certainly hope so”.

Charbel El-Haje, Master Trainer | Sales Capability Lead U.A.E. at Microsoft