Being a Chief Engagement Officer


The more I research the subject of “Engagement” the more I see that all companies want an engaged workforce, but they either do too little to make it happen or they concentrate too much on material assets, fixtures, etc…. and they leave the human aspect of the story uncared for.

For Engagement to happen, a company needs to have a strong belief in its human capital and the true value of their talent landscape. Employees need to feel appreciated, cared for and allowed to play to their strengths….. One of the most important aspects is when people know that their talents are being used properly and that they are contributing to the success of their organizations.

The moment of truth is when an employee, no matter what his or her role is, knows how exactly their job contributes to the success of the company? and how integral their role is to the achievement of their company’s startegy?

Being the Chief Engagement Officer of your company is about connecting your people, their strengths and their talents to the goals, startegy and most importantly ideals (culture) of your comany.

Leaders need to rise up to the occasion more often than they currently do , and they need to help people play to their strengths and realize their true potential…… Leaders need to be less of Chief Execution Officers and be more of Chief Engagement Officers.